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Prometheus Rumor Scoreboard - Week 3

The Prometheus Rumor Score board – WEEK 3

Getting close folks…or are we? Rumored pre-release in less than two weeks and nothing at GW site...
No pictures or other concrete stuff (I don’t count the shaky Hive Guard pic floating around).  We shall see…things will need to fly hot and heavy in the next 7 days if this is going to happen.

Rumor Roundup for Weeks 1-2:

Rumor                                       My Score        Actual        Pts

Multiple Unique Characters                1

Another FMC                                    1

Grapple Me Baby                               3

New “Big” Bug                                  5

Run Little Gaunts Run                        4

No FOC or Ally Changes                     1

New Nid Psychic Power Tables             5

Red Terror, e.g., Are Upgrades            4

December Release                             4

Adaptations for Skyfire                       5

Nid Psychic Powers Nerfed                  2

Tyrant Biomorphs Rule the Roost         2

Melee/Ranged Biomorphs for

       Opposite Effect                            1

Warriors at Sergeants                          4

Tyrannofex Point Decrease                   3

Pyrovore Torrent                                 3

The Next Round:

Rumor (BOLS) – New FMCs can buy Gargoyle broods to drop during movement phase.  Is the Forge World Harridan supposed to be jealous?  This is straight out of the rules for it, and due to its’ lack of originality, I am saying not a player.

Score: 1

Rumor (BOLS) – New unit called a Hive Node can be purchased by HQs.  Its’ function can be customized.  It can give Poison, Shrouding, e.g.  This one seems legit, as it would fill the Nids’ inability to buy fortifications, etc. 

Score: 5

Rumor – Doom can use an additional psychic power for every wound it gives up, and can keep doing so until down to 1 wound or rolls Perils.  Seriously?  So Doom has 7 wounds…it can use psychic powers 6 times?!  That is really fun to think about.  How did THAT go during playtesting?  Any takers?  Not here.

Score: 1

Rumor – Carnifex base cost the same but upgrades cheaper.  I sure as hell hope this is not true.  Compared to other MCs (Trygon or Mawloc) Fexes are way overpriced already.  With all the options the new dex will hopefully offer, why would I continue to sink 200-250 points into a 4 wound MC with a 3+ save?  Don’t care if the upgrades are cheaper.  This one had better not be true.  I will be truly disappointed.

Score: 2

Rumor – Change to Living Battering Ram rule would allow Fexes to assault contents of transports on a 4+ if vehicle destroyed.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I am going out on a limb here.  This is another rumor that I would like to see so much that I am hoping my rumor rating makes it so.

Score: 4

Whether or not I post a Rumor Scoreboard next week will depend on the validity of the December release rumor.  No use in grading the veracity of rumors if the release is imminent.   Will just be verifying them by then.  We shall see.

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