Friday, November 1, 2013

Commentary - Planning for Arrival of the New Hive Fleet

It’s time for all Tyranid fans to start thinking about how you are going to prepare for the new Dex due out in just 8 weeks…the time will fly.

First, what I won’t be doing and why.  I won’t be buying any new models with the exception of a couple of plastic Tervigons.  I have plenty of Gaunts (enough about this later) and the Tervigons not withstanding, I don’t see the point of risking buying new models when we really don’t know what is coming…sorry rumor dudes.  I’m not buying models based on your prognostications.  Based on the fact that Tervigons have become ubiquitous to Tyranid army lists, I cannot see any major changes to them functionally.   

I won’t be assembling and painting my two metal Lictors yet.  If plastic Lictor models arrive with the new Dex, I will use them instead of the metals…depending on rule changes of course.  Sorry all you metal fans…as good a modeler as I am, I still find metal a pain in the ass.  Moreover, plastic is much more forgiving to the rare but fatal floor drop, and certainly more conversion friendly.  I will not be replacing my Hive Guard or Zoanthrope metal models with plastics if they come along.  I have six of each, and they are already painted and table ready.  I may supplement their numbers depending on rule changes, but no replacements here. 

Finally, in the “won’t do category,” I will not be buying a digital Dex.  Really?  Yep, really.  Don’t know what it is, but if it’s my own army’s codex, there is just something visceral about turning the pages…over and over again.  If it gets so worn out that I need to replace it, well, I have not had to replace the 5th edition copy yet, so chances are the hard copy will last just as long.

What WILL I do?  As stated above, I will purchase and paint two plastic Tervigon models.  My poor Sammie…converted from a humble Carnifex.  She has given several years of loyal service, but she will now be relegated to my Hall of Fame shelf.  And who knows, if I ever need a third “baby mama” in some crazy list, I can dust her off.

I will paint my remaining primed Gaunts.  10 TGaunts and about 30 Spine Gaunts.  That will bring me up to around 145 Gaunts, including my 25 DevilGaunts.  Gaunts are another unit that is so basic to any Nid list, that even with some bimorph changes and other cosmetic stuff, will still be our go to guys.  I was thinking of buying more Devilgaunts, but am a bit skittish given potential rules changes.  They are in the “wait and see” category.

Lastly, I will be saving for a few potential new models.  Please note:  the following comments ignore all previous and upcoming rumors…seeing is believing.

Potential new models would include...

-     A new Flying Monstrous Creature (FMC)

-     A new “giant/big thingy” model

-     Other misc new unit models

In terms of a new FMC, they HAVE to give the Nids something to work with here.  Seriously, are we still going to have to use an HQ (Flyrant) as our only form of half-way effective anti-air?  This would be disgraceful and very disappointing if true.  Also, I would fully expect that the Nids are going to fall in line with every other recent Dex release with some insanely big thingy.  Riptides, Wraithknights, e.g.  I remain hopeful.  What else may be out there in terms of new? Tyranid Primes, Shrikes, Doom (although I won’t play him unless his rules/stats change).  I already have conversions for Deathleaper and Parasite which I am pretty happy with, so they will not be purchased even if they come out with actual models.   All that being said, a new Dex, FMC, Big Thingy, other potentials…still a pretty respectable investment.

Looking forward to commenting on rumors and other such foolishness as they begin to pour out of the ether in the coming weeks.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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