Friday, November 8, 2013

Battle Report - Tyranids vs Tau

Swarmlord Algernon had met these prey creatures on many occasions.  Each time, they had adapted...

Sometimes they had won. As much as his alien thought process would allow, he admired this trait in them…it reminded him of his own ability to adapt to the tactics and weapons of his enemies.  With some trepidation, Algernon prepared to confront these creatures…again.  However, he would not risk producing more than a couple of higher order broods to defeat them.  He would allow the foot soldiers of the Hive Mind to accomplish his goals…

As the lone occupants of the D-Company corner at Rockcon 2013, Jed and I threw down with 2000 point lists, general unit rosters as follows:

Prometheus: Swarmlord Algernon, Tyranid Prime (as yet un-named), Tervigon Sammie (as a troop), Tyrant Guard, 3 Zoanthropes w/ Spore, 20+ Hormaguants, 20+ Termagaunts, 20 Devilgaunts w/Spore, Mawloc (as yet un-named), 3 Biovores, 2 Spore Mine Clusters and Bulvii the Dakkafex w/Spore.

Jed’s Tau: Etheral, Crisis Suit HQ (some female character) w/ 3 Crisis Suit Escort, 3 Fire Warrior Squads, Aegis Defense Line, Quad Gun, Skimmer with Large Ray Gun, Stealth Suit Squad with Crisis Suit Sgt., Pathfinder Squad, 3 Pirahnas, Riptide.

We roll for mission and get The Emperor’s Will, deployment is Dawn of War.  I have to admit I was a bit anxious about facing the new Tau for the first time, as well as dealing with the damn Riptide (at least there was only one!).

Turn 1: Pretty quiet.  I moved my HGaunts and TGaunts forward on my left flank.  Tervigon Sammie spit out 9 babies who moved toward his left flank.  I fired 3 Biovores and took a pretty hefty chunk out of one of his Fire Warrior squads behind the defense line.  He responded by firing all his long range stuff into me…for not much effect.  I did have Feel No Pain and a bit of cover.  He had also infiltrated the Crisis Suit Matron and her escort, along with a squad of Pathfinders toward my right flank…AND a unit of Pathfinders.  All the marker light crap was really annoying…and it was only Turn 1.  Since both our objectives were safely tucked in our deployment zones, we occupied them…pretty much for the rest of the game.

Score: Prometheus…3   Tau…3

Turn 2:  He took another round of shooting at me, this time focusing on my Biovores who had really pissed him off last turn, the Matron and her escort finished them off in short order with S8 shooting…Instant Killing is fun (for him!). Also gives him First Blood.  The Matron also moved her squad toward Sammie and my objective, while the Pathfinders continued to do annoying things.  He definitely had a shot at my objective at this point, especially with all the Fusion Blaster fun he was carrying.  On the other side of the table, my Gaunts continued to move ahead, but he now had a Stealth Suit squad with mega-cannons laying into them, so I had to back off, especially with his Hit and Run ability.  I just couldn’t get into contact. 
My turn…I drop 20 Devilgaunts and 3 ZThropes right in front of his Crisis Suit Matron Squad…oops!  They get shot up pretty badly and all die except for the Matron.  More Gaunts from Sammie also move toward the Pathfinders.  On the other flank, I drop in Bulvii and a Mawloc.  Bulvii thins out the Stealth Suits a bit, taking out 4 of 6.

Score: Prometheus…3  Tau: 4

Turn 3:  He withdraws the Matron before I shoot her to death…good thing…she is his Warlord.  On the other side, Jed shoots up Bulvii but he hangs in for the turn.  Other misc. shooting, including the death of my ZThropes.  A few Gaunts on both flanks get pulled, but I have LOTS of little dudes.  As for me, I move my TGaunts and HGaunts ahead again with Bulvii and the Mawloc for support.  He also has 3 Pirahnas which are annoying as hell, but they are mostly just moving around and picking off a few TGaunts for now.  Sammie spits out MORE TGaunts, and they stay on the objective while she moves forward to give the Devilgaunts and other gribblies synapse.
The Devilgaunts take a last shot at knocking out the Matron, which would have given me Slay the Warlord, but she hung in with a single wound left.  At this point, she ran back to the Aegis line.  So much for her earlier attempt to grab my objective with her Crisis Suit bullies. Swarmlord Algernon moves into position along with the Tyranid Prime to give synapse as well.

Score: Prometheus…3  Tau: 4

Turn 4:  More maneuvering, lots of shooting.  More dead Gaunts.  He finishes off Bulvii (he dies a lot).  Also puts a dent in the Devilgaunts on the right flank that are working on getting Linebreaker.  Finally finish off his Pathfinders with shooting, and the Mawloc moves out of pulse rifle range and toward the Pirahnas.  My remaining HGaunts move forward cautiously, with almost all of his Stealth Suits having been eliminated and his Crisis Suit Sgt withdrawing to a safer distance.

Score:  Prometheus…3  Tau: 4

Turn 5:  Trying to get into position for a quick jump across the line on both flanks for Linebreaker.  His Pirahnas are still flitting about, but are being annoying more than anything else.  They can’t give him Linebreaker, so he is just using them to piss me off.  Did I say how annoying the damn marker lights are?  And he dropped all the drones from his Pirahnas to give me something else to deal with…so much crap, so damn annoying.  By the way, I have been staying out of range of all the pulse rifle shooting, as he castled his squads of rifle boys behind the Aegis line. We rolled and went to Turn 6.

Score:  Prometheus…3  Tau: 4

Turn 6:  Keeping out of range of the bulk of pulse rifle fire has meant I remained RELATIVELY intact, and was able to work into both his flanks.  Still plenty of shooting, but I had LOTS of gribblies to pull.  Also, Sammie and Algernon had Endurance, which Sammie used on herself and Algernon on the Mawloc…I rolled insanely for both models…must have made at least 7 or 8 Regen/It Will Not Die rolls between the two of them.  Mawloc finally went down on this turn, but not before taking a TON of fire. Rolled and got Turn 7!

Score:  Prometheus…3  Tau: 4

Turn 7:  He did all he could do, but just could bring down enough to keep me out of his deployment zone.  His Pirahnas ended up in mine, but can’t get Linebreaker.  My gribblies, however, could.

What a game…almost surreal.  Lots of maneuvering and troop positioning from my perspective.  I was pretty happy that I didn’t get shot off the table which was what I was expecting.  It helped that he castled a large portion of his shooting potential behind the Aegis line.  Dropping the Devilgaunts in front of his HQ/Infiltrators on Turn 2 really changed the momentum.  He was unable to take an aggressive strategy after that…the same could be said for Bulvii and the Mawloc dropping in front of his Stealth Suit squad.  Also, by working the flanks and avoiding the “castle of death” in the middle, I was able to position for the tie.  The Riptide…really not much going on there.  He certainly took some models out, but really nothing big.  I brought lots of little dudes as cannon fodder, and they served their purpose.

Final Score: Prometheus…4  Tau: 4

Epilogue:  Algernon withdrew his broods from the battlefield after engaging the Tau.  He had forced them back into their base area and effectively probed their defenses.  His decisive moves early in the battle had set the prey back on their heels, allowing him to position his own forces for a recon in force.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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