Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Noax Secundus Terrain Project - Part 3

Finally some progress!  Got the first four bases done today.  Let’s take a look…

I think these first few bases are a good example of the process of change that takes place as the flora of a planet begins to mutate…finally changing into a totally Tyranid environ.  The materials are a combination of natural seed pods, honey locust thorns, Woodland Scenics terrain materials, and MDF bases.  I use Carpenters, Gorilla and Super glue to attach various components.

This first base shows how the Tyranid mutations begin to intrude on the natural environment.  Native soil, foliage and brush are present, but the new species are most certainly in ascendance.  These ‘Nid mutations have overwhelmed the ruins of an old temple.  One of the huge spikes has even grown through a window.

The next two bases feature brood nests.  Smaller Tyranid creatures will spawn from these to join others of their kind in the process of consuming the planet’s biomass.   A wide variety of plant mutations are featured on each of these bases.

The final base is an example of the ultimate fate of the planet’s surface.  Here you see three spore chimneys and their associated spikes.  The chimneys are made from manicotti.

More to come this week, including digestion and spawning pools.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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