Friday, October 18, 2013

The Great Devourer...Terra Nova

The tendrils of the Hive Fleets seem to be moving toward a single goal, a single target…”Holy” Terra…

The arms of the great Hive Fleets move without ceasing in the emptiness of space.  Move and grow.  More Hive Fleets appear each year.  Is their movement random?  Do they act on base instinct seeking only to feed? Is the Great Devourer simply existing, with no central purpose?

There are several theories among the various factions of the Imperium.  Some say that the Hive Mind simply feeds and moves toward prey to sate its’ unending hunger.  These fools are intellectual parasites, lacking any real understanding, accepting the most obvious explanation as dogma.  Some believe the Hive Mind is working to collect the widest variety of biomass and genetic material that it can, seeking to create the ultimate predatory organism.  Some believe that the light of the Golden Throne serves as a beacon and its’ galaxy spanning eminations provide a focus for the Great Devourer.  Finally, many believe the appearance and subsequent movements of the Tyranids are completely random, driven by no more than the fortuitous contact with biomass as they move aimlessly among the stars.  All of these fools are wrong.

The Hive Mind, as the guardian of the primal balance of the universe, seeks first and foremost  to rid the vastness of space of its’ most significant threat.  That threat is the spread of Mankind among the stars.  Fools that they are, the Imperium believes the Tyranids to be mindless killing machines, with no soul or intellect.  This demonstrates so clearly the arrogance of the human race.  Mankind cannot see past its’ own petty ambitions.  Moreover, it is ironic that a race that boasts of its’ technology but regards with distain that of the Tyranids is the most retrograde of all.  Human technological advancement relies on recovery of scraps from bygone millennium.  The vaunted Adeptus Mechanicus could no more create new technology than they can find a way to keep the Golden Throne from failing.  The Great Devourer is not only the apex predator of the galaxy, but the most efficient at adapting to change.  The Tau are also masters of adaptation, but even their well-known ability to adapt to changing battlefield conditions does not hold a pale to that of the Tyranid race.  Humans despise the Hive Mind not because they fear and respect it, but due to their own pride and inability to acknowledge the true purpose of the Hive Mind itself.

So where does this leave us?  The Great Devourer IS focused on a single goal.  Its’ movements may seem erratic and without purpose, but not if we return to what we know is the central goal of the Tyranid race…to eradicate humanity from the galaxy.  What better way to achieve this than to attack the home world of mankind itself?  No other race relies on a single planet as the focus of their culture, and yes, survival as a species.  The Hive Mind has absorbed the collective knowledge of billions of human prey.  It KNOWS where humanity looks for hope and salvation.  Take this away, and the remainder of the humans will be easy prey for not only the Great Devourer, but the myriad other races that seek its annihilation. 

Only time will tell.  But as we see the fulfillment of End Of Times prophesies and with it the slow decline of the human species, we know that in the end it will be the Tyranids who rid the universe of the scourge of humanity once and for all.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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