Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dalecon 2013 - Part 2

In this installment, we will take a look at the boards and games in progress…
Once things started rolling about mid-afternoon Saturday, there were 6 games in progress at any given time.  Folks waited patiently for table space…in the meantime, they grabbed some food or drink, or had a leisurely look at codices laying about that were new to them.  Several games were grudge matches.  Some were standard rulebook fare.  More than a few were giving the new Apoc book a go.  All the things anyone who enjoys the hobby could hope for.

Please note that the author only participated yesterday.  I put in a 12 hour gaming day and needed to head home.  But dice rolling is no doubt taking place as this is being written…I am sure that you can find more details of today’s activities on the D-Company-WI website.

Here are pics of the boards and games going on yesterday.  Almost all terrain courtesy of D-Company members. 
Here is the city table where Mike and I faced off for our rematch...did I already say I HATE HELDRAKES?!
A game about to start between Chaos Marines/Eldar and Imperial Guard/Space Marines...
Dales' crazy Ork walkers versus Eldar...plenty of Gretchin and Boyz as well! 
Let's take a look...mostly Eldar models, with almost no one else in sight...just another case of Kevin kicking someone's ass (I have personally felt that pain)!
Lots and lots of me Mr. Wizard! 
Can you say "bikes?!" 
As always, thanks to Dale and his family for opening up their home to us.  Having a bunch of gamers crash overnight in your home (and backyard in Tent City) is not something just anyone would do.  Another great weekend of gaming and catching up.
Next stop...Rockcon!
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  1. Great rundown of the event. I'm glad to see some visual evidence of the scouring I gave Chris Terry!!

  2. an outside observer, it looked pretty bleak for Chris.


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