Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dalecon 2013 - Part 1

As promised, here is the first part of the Dalecon 2013 report…

Dalecon is an annual, invitation-only event hosted by one of the members of D-Company-WI, a Milwaukee gaming group.  We got started around 10am yesterday.  A few early arrivals grabbed much coveted above-floor staging space.  Here is a pic of the Nids I brought. 

Just about every 40K army was represented this weekend, with the exception of Tau and Daemons.  There were 6 gaming tables scattered throughout the basement, with plenty of felt and terrain.  D-Company has one of the best collections of terrain in the game, and plenty of bins of the stuff to go around.  Most, but not all, of the stuff you will see on the tables in Part 2 has been built by D-Company members.

As stated in the last post, there is always plenty of food and drink.  Here you can see one of THREE coolers stationed around the gaming area in Dales’ basement…there was a half-keg as well…thanks Mike!

The table had salsa, dip, cheese spread, relishes, chips, fresh bread and all the tableware.  On the counter, three types of chili, and Italian beef.  Man, no one could even think of going hungry or thirsty at this crazy gathering! 


We had 15 gamers throwing down over the course of the weekend.  These pics are of the participants…I will post more of the tables and games in progress in Part 2.  Here are Jay and Eric having a go...Jay looks like he is deep in thought...actually, it's those two bottles of beer in the foreground that he probably downed in about 5 minutes! 

Why are are these guys smiling so much?  Knowing this bunch, they're not talking about 40K...could it be they are discussing all alcohol they have already, and will consume, by the end of the weekend? Very likely... 

Mike taking a stretch break after getting his ass kicked by my Nids (actually, it was a VERY CLOSE game...I HATE Heldrakes!) and looks like a bit of rules consultation as well. 

See you back soon for Part 2 of the Dalecon report.

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