Friday, October 11, 2013

Battle Report - Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines

Prologue: He once again felt the presence of the warp tainted prey things…

he had cleared them from the jungles of the planet, and his broods had feasted on the prodigious amounts of biomass the jungles contained.  Now, the remainder of the Chaos forces occupied a maze of ruined concrete and wrecked vehicles…and the buildings contained the terrified remnants of the planets’ population.  The Swarmlord wanted the population’s precious biomass, not that of the prey things.  They reeked of the warp and would taint his own precious genetic gruel, from which future broods would arise.  He needed clean bio-matter, and the only way to get at it was to remove the Chaos forces occupying the city…

Once again Chaos Mike and I throw down, this time at Dalecon 2013.  We pointed out to 2250, and our lists were as follows:

Prometheus: Swarmlord Algernon, Tyranid Prime (as yet un-named), Tervigon Sammie (as a troop), Tyrant Guard, 3 Hive Guard, 3 Zoanthropes, 20+ Hormaguants, 20+ Termagaunts, 20+ Gargoyles, 7 Raveners, 10 Sky-Slasher Rippers, Trygon Prime (as yet un-named) and Bulvii the Dakkafex.

Chaos Mike: Chaos Lord in Termie Armour and the Burning Brand of What’s-His-Name, 3 Oblits, 4 Marines Squads in Rhinos, Vindicator, 2 Helbrutes, 2 Heldrakes…I HATE Heldrakes!

We roll for mission and get The Emperor’s Will, deployment is Vanguard Strike.  It takes me until Turn 4 to realize that in this mission the objectives are worth 3 points apiece…what a dumb ****!  It would be the first of a few major mistakes that almost cost me the game.  I could claim I was drunk, but I had nothing to drink the entire day!

Turn 1: Pretty quiet.  We both move forward and spread out from our corners.  Each of our objectives in well within our deployment zones.  My left flank is where the fast stuff is…Rippers, followed by Gargoyles followed by Raveners.  My Prime in attached to the Raveners, but even with him running, it is very tricky trying to keep synapse over all three broods.  The Swarmloard leds a hand with his 18” synapse range, as do Sammie and the ZThropes…but lots of thought put into movement this game.  Lose 1 Ripper base to shooting.  Strangely enough, neither of us is occupying his objective at this point.

Score: Prometheus…0   Chaos…0

Turn 2: Roll for reserves…both the Trygon and Bulvii arrive...Bulvii to take out the Forgefiend and Trygon to collapse his left flank.  Move everyone else forward, with my left flank units skirting around a building to stay in cover.  Lose a few Gargoyles to DT checks as they occupy a building, and 9 TGaunts pop out of Sammie.  I used Iron Hand on two of the ZThropes (their psychic rolls sucked this game; no Endurance, and as I was using them for buffs, they could only buff themselves).  Endurance on right flank TGaunts and HGaunts from Algernon and Sammie.  Spore and Bulvii fire at Forgefiend…after daemon saves it takes 2 wounds.  The Heldrakes both arrive during Mike’s go, and torrent flamers snuff a handful of Rippers and a few Gargoyles.  Bulvii takes a couple of wounds from shooting.  My Hive Guard manage to take out one of the Helbrutes, so First Blood to me.  Neither of us still occupies his objective.  And I foolishly move Sammie’s babies away from my objective towards his deployment zone…stupid!

Score: Prometheus…1   Chaos…0

Turn 3: Move boys, move!  Rippers and Gargoyles go in for the assault, although they are ravaged by Overwatch.  My Raveners hold back, and the Prime moves and runs to keep the Gargoyles in synapse.  The Rippers will all die most likely, so I let synapse slip on them.  Bulvii nerfs his shooting AND rolls snake eyes in his attempt to assault the Forgefield…Bulvii is a dead man this turn.  He is subsequently shot off the board by the Forgefiend and misc. other Chaos foolishness.  Torrent from Heldrake nerfs on my HGaunts…you go little buddies!  The Vindicator shoots but nerfs against the Trygon.  Guess who STILL has not occupied their objectives?!

Score: Prometheus…1   Chaos …0

Turn 4:  Trygon attempts charge against Chaos Marine squad disembarked from Rhino…nerf!  My HGaunts on the right flank are in easy assault range against the same Marines…why the hell didn’t I assault with them?!  Rippers are shot off the board…Gargoyles are almost spent against another Marine Squad on his right flank.  Raveners move and run, and Prime stays attached and runs as well.  The Raveners are pretty spread out to allow him to keep up.  Swarmlord Algernon and Tervigon Sammie both prepare to assault another Marine squad in the center of Mike’s deployment zone.  A Hive Guard dies to Oblit shooting, and the survivors immobilize Mike’s other Helbrute.  The Heldrakes continue to fly around unmolested, picking off hand fulls of little dudes.  He also moves both toward my objective as I finally start moving TGaunts in that general direction.  Would you be surprised if I told you neither of us still held our objectives?

Score : Prometheus…1  Chaos…0

Turn 5: All hell breaks loose now.  My Trygon and Swarmlord assault 2 Marine squads…both of his sargeants die in challenges (big surprise…not!).  Sammie toasts an empty Rhino, and takes 5 wounds as practically anything that can shoots at her.  My TGaunts make it to my objective…and he subsequently shoots them off with his massively annoying Heldrakes.  Did I already say I HATE Heldrakes?!  My Raveners and Prime charge another Marines squad and toast the Sgt. and 6 Marines…the balance die in his assault phase.  This leaves my surviving 5 Raveners and Prime an open lane to go for his objective.  His big move is to consolidate his 4th and final Marine squad on his objective with his Chaos Lord close by.  We roll and go to Turn 6.

Score: Prometheus…1  Chaos…3

Turn 6:  The Trygon is a side show now…out of position to do anything about is objective.  As are Algernon, the Hive Guard and ZThropes.  I move more TGaunts onto my objective…more torrent flamers and more dead little dudes.  My objective still not held.   His immobilized Helbrute puts down Sammie with a shot of Lascannon fire.  My Raveners and the Prime charge into his Lord and the attached Marine squad.  This accomplishes three things; locks them in combat, keeps my guys from getting shot at, and most importantly, contests his objective.  A die roll gets us Turn 7.

Score: Prometheus…1  Chaos…0

Turn 7:  He clears out the closest and last of my TGaunts, ensuring I can’t take my own objective… I HATE Heldrakes?!  Yes I tried shooting them with my Hive Guard…not happening.  I stay in contact with his Lord and Marine squad and contest HIS objective.  We both end up with Linebreaker, I had First Blood, and neither of us had objective points.

A very close game the whole way and well played by Mike.  The mistakes I made in deployment, movement and unit positioning should have cost me the game.  Simply put, I got damn lucky.

Final Score:  Prometheus…2  Chaos…1

Epilogue:  The Swarmlord and his remaining broods feasted on the corpses of the humans sheltering in the ruined buildings of the city.  With the warp tainted ones defeated, there was nothing to stop the Swarm from taking its’ prize and replenishing its’ stockpiles of genetic material.  The remaining population would allow the Hive Fleet to refuel and heal.  It would then move on, continuing its’ quest of eradicating the Human disease from the galaxy.

Create, grow, feed, adapt

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