Friday, October 4, 2013

A Busy Month - Dalecon and Rockcon On The Horizon

Fall is here, and with it, two of the major events of the year… Dalecon and Rockcon…Never heard of them?  Here’s a breakdown for you.

Dalecon is one of two annual events sponsored by D-Company Wisconsin (, a local gaming group in the Milwaukee area.  It takes place…TOMORROW!  It is located in the basement of the home of one of our members, the owner of a local hardware store.  Dale sets up several tables, folks arrive Saturday morning and play pretty much non-stop (with an occasional break for food and sleep) through Sunday afternoon.  As is always the case in our group, alcohol is in generous supply…generous being an understatement. We are expecting more than 15 dice throwers from as far away as Minnesota this year.  Did I mention that there is LOTS of food?  The host always puts out a great spread, with a plethora ribs, beef, chili, chips, dips, rolls, and God knows what else each year.  Gaming, beer, food…what else can a 40K fan ask for (except for rolling lots of 6s!)?

When I say LOTS of gaming, I mean LOTS!  You can expect at least 20 games to take place in the course of the weekend.  Not only will you find traditional games from the Rule Book, but folks come up with all kinds of cool scenarios.  The terrain is awesome.  Dalecon is definitely a highlight on our gaming calendar.

Rockcon is a gaming convention, much more of a traditional Con setting, hosted in Rockford, Illinois. It usually takes place the 3rd weekend of October. D-Company always makes an appearance with well painted armies and tables full of terrain trucked in by members.  However, Rockcon is primarily a board game Con, and the sports arena where it is located is full of tables of all genre of games.  Historical, Scifi, RPGs, Minis, e.g.  Don’t know about you, but I enjoy board games as much as I enjoy 40K (did I just say that?!).  Many of the D-Company crew focus on our hobby…I try to get in at least a few board games during the weekend.  Every year I have attended I have found a new game I ended up buying and playing regularly after getting back home.

Pics and battle reports from both will be appearing here, with the first Dalecon after-action report early next week.

Fall is here...yeah baby!

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