Monday, September 23, 2013

The Noax Secundus Terrain Project - Part 2

So off we go!  This weeks’ installment will provide a tour of stuff I am putting on the bases I have...  Almost everything is natural…mostly seed pods.  Also working with some pasta (yes, I did say pasta).  Some of the materials, as I stated in the intro, are from Woodland Scenics.  Ground cover, shrubs, lychen and a two-part material for making water/liquid/goo.  Won’t show them this time…they will start appearing as terrain elements are added to bases.

The first step is to get all of the materials primed.  I am using colors that match the Prometheus color, purple, red, pink.  All of the following pictures show the materials in the primed stage.

Here is a picture of one of the things I think will really add the alien element…honey locust thorns.  Some of these bad boys are big suckers – 4 to 5 inches long!  Gives dangerous terrain a whole new meaning!

Here are some pics of the seed pods I am using…mahogoney, burdock, lotus, e.g.
I really like the burdock for the little appendages that stick out from the bottom.   The lotus pods (the ones will all the little holes) are perfect brood nests for Gaunts.  Both were primed black purple and will get a dry brush of pink.

These are large pasta shells that will simulate egg sacks for some of the larger creatures.  I primed them with a brown and then a light coat of purple.  The manicotti will be used to simulate spore chimneys.  I will have some of the larger locust thorns coming up through the middle of these.  They were primed black and will get a dry brush of purple.

Next week I should have some of the bases at least partially done, and will continue to post as progress is made.

Create, Grow, Consume, Adapt

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