Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Noax Secundus Terrain Project - Part 1

Prologue…Noax Secundus was only a year ago a verdant planet, the agri-world of a thriving Imperial sector...  Now, with the forces of the Emperor spent, the Great Devourer begins the process of consuming what remains of the planets’ biomass.  Native landscapes and flora have begun to mutate into alien horrors.  Brood nests appear across the grassy plains, and digestion pools form in craters created by the carnage of the failed defense of the planet…

The Noax Secundus Project will be my first significant terrain project since I began this hobby.  I am using mostly natural materials, including many types of seed pods, air plants and honey locust thorns.  Most of the bases are tapered MDF, and the craters I am using for the digestion pools are from Pegasus Games.  I will also be using several products from Woodland Scenics, an old friend.  I used their terrain products for many years as a model railroader, and was never disappointed.

This project will be ongoing over a few months, as I add bases and terrain materials to my inventory.  My goal is to create over twenty pieces of Tyranid themed terrain.  Check back for photos and updates as this project gets underway.

Special thanks to “Guardsman” Peter for his sage advise, and to Gordon at Errant Duke for the fine work he did on the MDF bases.

Create, Grow, Consume, Adapt

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