Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Great Devourer...Universal Balance and the Forces of Chaos

The Hive Mind seeks stability, allowing the Universe to alternatively create and destroy...

In the end, a balance is maintained.  In the absence of outside influence, the Tyranids only consume enough worlds to exist.  They are aware all the time, through their numberless bio-fleets and distant swarms, of the death, and birth, of stars, solar systems, and planets.

Humanity, and its twisted offspring, the Forces of Chaos, are the antithesis of this balance.  Chaos, in particular, represents entropy; opposed to balance and dedicated to destruction and disorder.  Is it not ironic that humanity, during its' War of Compliance, unleashed Chaos in its futile quest to bring order to the Galaxy?  How arrogant for the human leaders to consider the Tyranids the destroyers.

From the Hive Minds' perspective, however, Chaos represents a clear and present threat to the Universal Balance.  Each of the Chaos Gods seeks to reshape the Galaxy in its' own image.  No particular Chaos icon is more of a threat than another;  each is clearly in opposition to the concept of stability.  Moreover, even the Chaos Gods themselves are in conflict with each other; seeking to move the Galaxy toward their unique concepts of an ideal existence. 

An interesting question...are the Tyranids susceptible to the corrupting influence of Chaos?  It is hard to believe that the Hive Mind, considering its scope and power, can be corrupted by at the least, three of the Chaos Gods.  Khorne, Tzeentch and Slaanesh all appeal to very base emotions: anger, lust, greed, e.g.  The Tyranids do not "feel" as humans do.  There is nothing for the corrupting power of the Warp to speak to.  Nurgle on the other hand, can cause infection and disease among Tyranid broods.   They are, after all, biological organisms.  The potential of infection does not mean, however, that this is a common occurrence.  In point of fact, the only known case of infected Tyranids was documented by a squad of Space Wolves during a mission to recover an artifact from a Space Hulk.

Just as it does with all species who obstruct its' primary goal of Universal Balance, the Hive Mind will deal with the Forces of Chaos as needs demand.  The Great Devourer does not consider Chaos either a greater or lesser threat to this Balance.  They are only another form of prey to consume as it serves as the Galaxy's Great Warden.

Create, Grow, Consume, Adapt

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