Friday, September 13, 2013

Parasite of Mortrex and Gargoyles Unit Analysis

One of only two Independent Characters in the current Tyranid codex, The Parasite has two very interesting advantages...  First, since ICs are a rare occurrence for ‘Nids, he can attach himself to a brood of meat popsicles to increase his longevity.  Second, his unique Implant attack can make him a nuisance unit of the highest order.  In the last two games I have used him, he has produced around 25 Ripper bases.  Not bad for an oversized Gargoyle!

Specifically how to use him is the issue of this entry.  For me, he MUST be attached to another unit, with a strong preference for a brood of Gargoyes.  This only makes sense since both the Parasite and the “flying Termagaunts” both count as jump infantry.  His toughness of 4 makes him way too vulnerable even if he has a cover save and Feel No Pain (FNP).  One lucky shot and there goes a pot load of points.  A brood of at least 18 Gargoyles is my usual minimum for an escort.  I don’t do anything to the Gargoyles in terms of upgrades.  They already have Hammer of Wrath (jump infantry) and a special spitting attack. The only upgrade I would consider would be Toxins Sacs, and that only if I have the points just laying around screaming to be used.

I try as much as I can to keep this Parasite brood in cover with the chief flyer in the middle of the pack.  If I am able to grab a little FNP love from a nearby psyker all the better.  In a recent game between cover and FNP, a Parasite brood took 22 wounds and only lost a few models.

Once the brood gets within assault range, I will then try to throw an Enfeeble psychic attack at the victim unit if possible.  This makes the Parasites’ Implant attack that much more likely to succeed.  I usually try to use him against Guard or Eldar, as the victims’ toughness determines the success of the Implant.  Enfeeble lowers the target units’ toughness by one…most Guard or Eldar units would be down to 2, and failing a toughness test would become MUCH more likely.  The rest of the brood can absorb wounds while the Parasite uses his formidable close combat skills to try and knock off a few enemy models.

Once the victim unit loses at least one model to the Parasite and fails that toughness test, the fun can really begin.  Several newly created Ripper swarms are the usual result of the failed toughness test.  Once a brood of Ripper bases appears, I quickly move the Parasite toward the next target,  minding not to get out of synapse range of the Rippers…they die VERY easily when th ey don’t have a minder.  They create havoc and confusion, providing my opponent with a difficult choice of ignoring or firing at them.

With the Parasite moving toward the next potential “home” for implant begins again, and again, and again…

I like this guy…he has certainly been worth the points I have paid for him, and when combined with a fast moving attack unit like those pesky Gargoyles, makes the process of target selection much more difficult for my opponents.

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