Monday, September 9, 2013

Hive Fleet Prometheus Model Showcase - Heriophant Seymour

This model is a source of great pride for me.  Like many of you, I don’t have a bazillion dollars to drop on one of Forge World’s amazing models...  The Tyranid Heriophant, a BioTitan, is currently selling for close to $350. 

This model was created from five boxes worth of Carnifex parts sprues plus lots o’ bitz from my stash several years ago, for $150.

It took around 28 hours of work with cutters, blades and a Dremel tool.  Lots of shaping and fitting of parts to make it all work.  A close look at the biocannons shows they are made of dead rose stems from my garden.  The paint job shown in the pictures was the primer coats…first red and them black.  Eventually he took on the Prometheus mantle, but I didn’t really use him except in D Company’s annual Apocalypse games, so finished pics are rare.  The only one I can find is Seymour facing off against a Stormlord and a swarm of angry Guardsmen. 

The librarian in “primer” pics gives you an idea of scale.  After several years of “death free” service, Seymour was eventually sold on EBay.

You will be fondly remembered mighty bug!

Create, Grow, Consume, Adapt 

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