Monday, September 9, 2013

Hive Fleet Prometheus Model Showcase - Trygon and Mawloc

I have had both of these models since they first came out...  They have been painted in the Prometheus scheme; black, purple, red, pink highlights.  I gave them a wash with Devlan Mud.  These were some of GWs first models on the large oval bases, so it was fun seeing the final result of assembly turn out like it did.

I don’t play the Mawloc much.  My personal experience has not been that great with him.  He is a fire magnet (no duh!) and usually lasts just a turn or two even with his six wounds.  For a Monstrous Creature, he is pretty lame in assault.  His special “poptart” rule rarely lands him on target and he takes out just a few models.  He is much more bark than bite, IMO.

My Trygon, on the other hand, has been very effective.  Taken as a Prime, his twelve S6 shots are good at prepping for an assault.  Once in assault, his numerous scything talons and attacks make him very effective in taking vehicles, MEQs and most HQs.  His six wounds ensure a reasonable chance of survival, and the synapse he provides works well when I coordinate his arrival with a few pods of Gaunts.  He of course is a fire magnet, but most ‘Nid Monstrous Creatures are, so that is not a factor in my decision whether or not to take him.  His “drop pod” type arrival rules also make him more reliable in terms of actually making landfall on or near his intended target spot.

These are both great models though.  I hope the next ‘dex has some innovative rules and models as these two were.  Even if I didn’t use them in games, they are fun to build, paint and admire on a display shelf, and make great conversation pieces for someone seeing the game for the first time.

Finally, unlike several of my other bugs, I have not named these two yet.  You will know that time has arrived when you read about them in a future battle report.

Have a great week.

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