Friday, September 27, 2013

Commentary - Rumors...Sidelined But Not Forgotten

Looks like I was wrong to even take the release date at face value....
  I had written off the rest of the rumors regarding the content of the Tyranid ‘Dex, of course, but the release date, well, I had hoped.  As the saying goes, “Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.  All is not lost however, and a positive spin is in order here.

First, it gives me more time to paint all the Gaunts I have laying around, as well as my pesky Ripper Swarms.  When the release was immenent, it was pretty distracting to think of all the cool stuff I was going to buy and convert.  To imagine the pots of paint I was going to purchase.  Now I can focus on getting the models I do have left finished.  At least they are primed; just need to set up the “fig factory” and blow through all those little devils.  I might even try to grab a few more Devilgaunts off of EBay.

Second, I now have more time to save additional cash for the inevitable purchase of an obscene number of gribblies and big bugs that will no doubt accompany the new tome.  Unlike the previous ‘dex, it seems that GW has figured out how to get most of the new unit models released at around the same time as the new codex…a consistent and irritating problem in the past.  This happened to me when the Grey Knight codex came out as well.  Not saying this didn’t happen to everyone else.  Just that the recent codex releases have had models for new units already in the pipe and ready in the stores close to the release date for the books.

Finally, the respite gives me time to enjoy two other things. First…buying and reading the new Marine ‘dex.  I was a Marine player for several years, and let’s face it, as many people acknowledge, these guys are the “poster boys” for the hobby.  The fluff alone should be worth the price of admission.  I also want to make significant progress toward completion of my ‘Nid terrain project.  It is going to take a bit more time than anticipated, and I want it to be something both usable and that I can be proud of.  Quality AND quantity here…about 20 bases when I’m finished.

Game On!

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