Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tyranids and Apocolypse 2013

So I had a look at the Apoc 2013 Redux last week...

My opinion, and that shared by several of my fellow members of D-Company (my local gaming crazies), of Apoc in general is that it is broken.  Broken you say?  Let me be clear.  By broken, I don’t mean unplayble (word?).  The meaning here is that it is meant to unleash all the pent-up insanity that it Warhammer 40k.  Bring those 8 Stompas, 6 Warhound Titans and 15 Superheavies.  Blow 10” holes in your opponents’ armies…36” holes if one the Titans’ reactors goes critical!  Now that you have that perspective, let me continue.

I liked changes that I saw in the general rules, the formations, and the strategies from the original Apoc tome.  The fact that formations don’t have additional point costs is nice.  Overall, the same craziness but somehow more user friendly.  Other than the above mentioned sections, I did not peruse other army specifics.  So I will proceed with brief comments regarding the Tyranid section of the book.

General comments…a fair amount of old friends here.  The crazy-as-hell Heriophant; god-like wounds and toughness, a 2+ save, Regen.  The Barbed Heriodule is back as well; thank goodness for small favors as I actually own one of these (see Prometheus Model Showcase – Barbed Heriodule Barney)!  The flying monstrosity that is the Harridan also returns; I only wished I had enough loose change to afford it.  Formation wise, Endless Swarm is back, but modified for 6th Edition.  Instead of recycling units, Snap Fire is incorporated.  Basically roll a die; if the number is less than the turn number, anyone shooting at an Endless Swarm brood has to use Snap Fire.  Ever try to kill 30 Hormagaunts with only Snap Fire? Nice.

Carnifex Crusher Brood:  Allows a group of fexes upgraded with Bio-Plasm…rant break…why the BLOODY HELL is this an upgrade?! Every scrap of back story has Bio-Plasm as part of a Fexes’ basic physiology.  Do psykers need to upgrade to be able to have psychic powers?!  Whatever…back to our discussion.  A group of Fexes with Bio-Plasm can combine their collective nastiness and use an Apoc template for shooting.  AP is of course 2 (it is a plasma weapon), but the strength depends on the number of models in the unit (LAS-Plasma anyone?).  Sounds like an up close and personal weapon to me.

Living Fortress:  A group of Tyrants (including a Swarlord), Tyrant Guard and Hive Guard can receive an increased armour save and a cover save as well.  Think Tyranid Command Squad in Terminator armour! Yeah baby!

Vanguard Infestation:  A group of Genestealers and Lictors get both a cover save and can use the Lictors’ ability to arrive from reserve anywhere on the table within 1” of enemy models.  So am I saying my 6 Lictors and 60 Stealers (with Broodlords) can arrive on Turn 2 right next to your army?  You bet I am! 

Subterranean Swarm:  Trygons (at least one has to be a Prime), Mawlocs and Raveners are part of this formation.  Two components to this one.  The first is that once the Trygon Prime arrives, anyone else coming in by deep strike can do so within a set distance from the Prime without scattering.  Also, all the units in the formation get Shrouding.  Depending on how the rest of the next ‘dex turns out, this one would certainly motivate me to buy more Trygons and Ravenors.

Overall, a good job of incorporating 6th Edition into Apoc in ways that are useful for my ‘Nids.  The other part I like is that aside from the Forge World models on the top end, I have most of the models I would need to make these formations usable right now.  Although, I may need to break out the paint and brushes…

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