Monday, August 19, 2013

Toxin Sacs - The Great Equilizer

Those poor little Gaunts, so helpless on the raging field of battle...

A paltry 6+ save and lowly weapons and ballistic skills.  Wait…can you say Toxin Sacs?  Yep, there’s a way to make these little fellas worth the price of admission.  Of course I know that they have some special rules, are cheaper than dirt, e.g.  But isn’t it nice to know that Gaunts can take down a Daemon Prince?!

Toxin Sacs are an upgrade available to several Tyranid creatures, including monstrous ones.  Although I am at a loss to see the value of Toxin Sacs on a creature that can have S10 attacks in close combat.  On Termagaunts and Gargoyles, they are a 1pt upgrade; 2pts for Hormagaunts.  Rippers, Stealers and Warriors pay a bit more. 

This biomorph allows all close combat attacks to have the Poison USR.  In the case of the ‘Nids, this means all close combat attacks will wound on a 4+, no matter the toughness of the defender.  If the defender has a toughness equal to or lower than the attacker, the attacker can reroll missed wounds.  So if I am in assault with most Eldar or Guard, I will be rerolling missed wounds.

Here’s an example of the power of this biomorph.  Say 12 of my Hormagaunts  survive long enough to charge into close combat with Huron Blackheart.  Even with Toxin Sacs, that’s less than 100pts of models.  Huron is more than half again as many points.   Math hammer sez I will get around 21 hits, and let’s say 10 wounds.  With a 3+ save, he will take 3 wounds and die…so what if he takes 3-4 or my little dudes with him.  Let’s face down a Flying Daemon Prince without Power Armour.  He will take out 4 of my dudes.  That leaves me with about 15  hits (remember Hormagaunts have Scything Talons and can reroll 1s) and 7 wounds.  Let’s say he saves 3 of those (with a 5+ save).  He takes 4 wounds and dies. 

In either of the previous cases, you can see how Toxin Sacs can even the odds for these little dudes.  And point wise, they are a worthwhile investment.  The trick, of course, is actually getting them into close combat without getting shot all to hell.  But being a ‘Nid player, pulling models is what I do!

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  1. Well, that's the trick, innit? You give your opponent choices: Shoot the big ones? Shoot the small ones?

    If you don't know what to shoot, then these guys will turn out just fine.

  2. I once read an article somewhere where the author made the claim that a player losing to an ork army has made a mistake. It isn't so much that the ork player won through a conventional strategy, but that he came up with a combination that confused his opponent into shooting at the "wrong things at the wrong times."

    Then the orks arrive, and rip everyone apart slowly.

    I think the little dudes are all about this for the 'Nids. They scamper about, and you must devote a turn of shooting to them (very valuable at times) to keep them from tying you up in combat ( or maybe even winning that combat). They're a great screen of confusion. They don't exist to make it there at all. They exist to harass and soak up bullets while your big stuff comes around the bend...

  3. "Although I am at a loss to see the value of Toxin Sacs on a creature that can have S10 attacks in close combat."

    1.) When your Strength is equal to or higher than the Toughness of your target you re-roll failed To-Wound rolls. That means that a Trygon with Toxin Sacs re-rolls EVERYTHING in combat.

    2.) Against T7+ its actually slightly more likely to Wound when you don't lose your attacks to Smashing. On a Trygon (no charge) its about 2.5 Wounds Smash versus about 2.75 Poison. Its significantly better against other Nids, T9 after Iron Arm isn't nearly so worrying.

    But yeah, its mostly for the re-rolls, I'm hit or miss with my Hive Tyrants, its nice if you have the points, but I always shove it on my Trygons, with the all re-rolls it means he can pretty much obliterate most units in a single turn. Although combined Poison and Smash is awesome against IC's because you get to re-roll any ones that come up and Instant Death most of them.

  4. I have never really thought about wound rerolls on my Trygon as we get full rerolls to hit. Not a bad thought. The only other MC that I take that usually gets in close assault is my Swarmlord, and he can't take sacs. Thanks for the perspective.

  5. I like putting toxin sacs on my big bugs so that they get the rerolls to wound and get even more killy. I find it a worthwhile 10 point investment.


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