Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hive Fleet Prometheus Model Showcase - Tervigon Sammie

The now ubiquitous Tervigon.   A great unit in the Tyranid codex that until recently did not have an official model.  Since I couldn’t wait when the codex came out almost four years ago, I dived in and created Tervigon Sammie...

Started the whole project with a Carnifex that I had kitted out as an assault specialist.  After adding an extra set of Carnifex sized scything talons to simulate the third pair of legs on a Tervigon, I had to figure out the “womb.”  The solution presented itself when I purchased some plastic models to simulate Mycetic Spores.  Each came with a soft plastic “whatchamacallit”…it looked like some kind of small egg pod with a mouth.  I cut one of these in half and stretched it out.  I then attached it to the Tervigon’s belly.  The final step was inserting a few Gaunts.  Simply took some Gaunt heads from my bitz pile and glued them into the opening in the “womb.”


I am pretty sure I will be purchasing the new GW model in the near future.  It is, IMO, a good representation of the Tervigon described in the codex.  Having a second Tervigon in a list can’t be a bad thing.  That all being said, Sammie will remain one of my favorite conversions and I will continue to use her as long as my opponents are ok with me using an “unofficial” model on the table.

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