Monday, August 26, 2013

Commentary - Rumors and Rumors of Rumors

I admire the folks at sites like Faeit 212 and Bell of Lost Souls.  Having been a former Intelligence Officer, I understand the value of reliable sources of information...

  It is always impressive to me that these folks are so hooked in to the GW Community at large, and specifically sources much closer to GW in particular. I am saying this now so that the folks at sites like those previously mentioned do not think I am attacking them.  Besides rumors, they provide much valuable service to our hobby.   However, now that I have given credit where credit is due, I want to provide some commentary regarding rumors in our hobby.

Let’s start with the whole issue of rumors.  I wish I could comprehend how this cottage industry created and sustains itself.  Take the very soon to be released Space Marines codex.  Rumors regarding its release date and possible codex changes started months ago.  Why?  Are you so hungry for information, even BAD information, that you just latch on like a lamprey when you see something with a key word that matches your hobby interests?  That was, of course, a rhetorical questions.  Of course you do!  But if your years of hobby experience tells you that so many of the things you read will never actually exist in your new codex, why do you read the stuff?

I admit reading the above mentioned sites for release dates.  That is the one thing that has consistently exhibited some modicum of reality.  Space Marines in early September has been out there for a while, and sure enough, we see the codex trailer (a trailer for a codex?  Pooleez!).  Back to the subject at hand.  Release dates…check!

Now we come to the evil cousin…actual content.  Some great examples:  Stealers will be able to assault out of Mycetic Spores,  all Gaunts will have Feel No Pain if in Synapse range, Warriors will have Eternal Warrior and a 5+ Invulnerable save, Hive Guard shooting will now be Twin-Linked, and they will auto-hit flyers moving with 18” of their models.  You laugh…not so fast!  Talk to anyone who has had a codex released in the last 12 months.  Ask them how much of the stuff they read before they actually read the ‘dex was actually IN the ‘dex.   How many playtesters would tell you that most of the stuff they saw during the process never got onto the pages of a new book?

To conclude, the rumor industry does not enhance or in any way make our hobby more enjoyable.  It is one more form of online mental masturbation meant to keep us interested in things we already have an interest in.  I look forward to the release of a new Tyranid codex in early November (the release date I believe).  I will believe NOTHING else regarding my ‘Nids codex that I happen to read (I no longer actively seek out rumors).  I will simply wait for my bright and shiny hardcover edition to arrive and enjoy the changes that Games Workshop, in its’ wisdom, has decided to bestow upon my alien swarm.
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  1. I agree, its not that I don't like reading rumours its then reading the comments afterwards and all the bile and rage as people take the rumours as gospel and are adamant that there army is getting nerfed. Then when the codex is released the same people are saying how happy they are *sigh* but anyway! Nice blog and faeit 212 bought me here!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that Faeit 212 sent you my way. Glad you liked the blog; I update pretty regularly so check back once in a while. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Love the article. Your mental masturbation comment gave me a laugh. Then I realized I was losing my eyesight. I am a bit of a rumor junkie and I am not really sure why. I hate the way commenters will often jump to the worst case scenario and then start attacking each other. I usually don't make it half way through the comments before giving up. Any rate, found you through fait212 as well, really like your articles and look forward to more.

  4. Found you through fait212 as well.
    To be honest, I enjoy the rumor mill for the potential content, as well as the ragers in the comments section.

    the new Tyranid rumors has me looking for a new potential army

  5. As the fact my first and favorite army is sisters, I've realized all I'll ever get is rumors. I think thats y I like the rumor mill so much. Every one else is looking forward to support for their marine/xenos army and im just sitting here going "man, supplements and support would be cool"

    BTW natfka brought me here. Great site


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