Saturday, August 31, 2013

Battle Report - Tyranids vs Imperial Guard

Prologue: As the Swarmlord looked toward his Prey, he thought of the massive amounts of biomass expended in his last two victories...

  Even if this battle did not end in the Swarm triumphant, he knew it was imperative that he gather as much biomass as possible from his opponents.  A protracted battle resulting in many Prey casualties was preferable to a quick victory.

This long awaited battle between Prometheus and my good friend Mark and his Imperial Guard ended up being just what the Swarmlord needed.  It was a LONG freakin’ game!  Close as I can recall, it lasted about 7 ½ hours…with a short break for much need sustenance (beer and pizza).  Picture taking, rules checks/debates, note scribing, general conversation…we were well and truly DONE IN by the end of this…and still had enough energy for a game of Pandemic afterwards!

Game pointed out at 2250 apiece.  We rolled The Emperor’s Will for mission and Dawn of War deployment.  Mark rolled Coordinated Assault for his Warlord and I rolled Conqueror of Cities.  This trait would be perfect for my Gargoyes, as they got +1 cover in the ruined building next to their deployment location.  Combined with the Scatterfield Mysterious Objective, they ended up with a 2+ cover save.  I won the initiative roll and elected to deploy first, go first.  We also rolled for terrain by the book, dividing the table into 6 sections, etc., to get our 25% coverage.

My List:

Swarmlord Algernon with Tyrant Guard, Hive Guard (3), Zoanthropes (3), Tervigon Sammie, Termaguants (26), Hormaguant in Spores (20), Carnifex Bulvii w/2 Twin Linked Brain Leech Devourers in Spore, Gargoyles (20),  Parasite of Mortrex,  Trygon Prime, Mawloc, 2 Spore Mine Clusters…2250 in Army Builder.

Mark’s List:

Mark took Creed, his Banner Lackey Kell and an Astropath in a Chimera,  4 additional Chimeras, Chem Tank, 2 Banewolves, Special Weps Squad, 8 Infantry Squads of various compositions (including 2 Vet Squads), 2 Heavy Weps Squads (Lascannon and Mortars), and a Leman Russ Punisher with Pask (improved BS, e.g.)

I rolled Psychic powers for Algernon and Sammie.  Sammie got Endurance (It Will Not Die and Feel No Pain), Algernon got Iron Hand, Enfeeble and Haemorrage.  The foot-slogger ZThrope rolled Endurance and Enfeeble, so the next two stayed with the codex for fire power…pretty much the same as my last outing.  Mark had no psychic powers.

Turn 1:  First, my Mawloc burrows.  Gargoyles head into ruined building for cover, and Sammie pops out 10 babies.  TGaunts and Gargoyles both get Feel-No-Pain (FNP).  Swarmlord Algernon takes Iron Arm just in case Mark tries some shooting craziness.  Spore Mines, which don’t seem much of a real threat, take out 4 Guardsmen, who then fail a morale check.  They run off the board…First Blood!  Woohoo!  I take control of my objective.

Orders, orders!  Lascannon fire puts wounds on a couple of of Hive Guard, and the rest of his Chimeras shoot into them as well.  By the time Mark is done, two of the Guard have two wounds and the 3rd has one.  His objective gets Sabotage!  Now he unloads his Punisher and most of his left flank into the Gargoyles.  22 wounds from the Punisher…FNP and a 2+ cover…only ONE DEAD! Incredible!  After the dust settles, all that firing only kills 3 flying Gaunts.

Score: Prometheus 2, Guard 0

Turn 2:  Dakkafex Bulvii and Trygon land on target; the Mawloc, not so much.  Deep Strike mishap allows Mark to place him anywhere…sneaky git Mark places him on my Hive Guard!  We had quite the rules discussion about this one, but it makes sense that he could do so.  I lose two Guard!  Well done, my friend!  Remaining Hive Guard smokes a Chimera in

retaliation, and Bulvii takes out another.  The Trygon fires its Containment Spines into a Guard Squad…the lone survivor asks “where are my mates?!”  Sammie discharges another 11 TGaunts.  Parasite assaults Guard Squad and creates 9 “shadow swarms” (someone forgot his Ripper bases!!!)…the surviving Guard are run down and digested…

Chem Tank and two “Banewolves” arrive…Holy prometheum, Batman!!!  I WOULD comment on those “interesting” looking models Mark, but I did
already point out that someone forgot his Ripper bases!!!  Back to the action…

More orders…lots more orders.  1st/2nd Rank Fire takes out some Gargoyles.  Bring It Down allows the Prey to take down Bulvii.  Trygon takes fire from 3 meltas…they whiff…whew!  Mortars and Guard Squads target Parasite but no wounds.  Mawloc takes a couple more wounds…has 3 now.

Score: Prometheus 2, Guard 0

Turn 3:  Sammie rolls for 15 more TGaunts…but no models available (someone needs to do some painting!).  ZThropes throw another Endurance (FNP) on the Gargoyles, but for the second time they suffer Perils of the Warp!  Hormagaunts arrive by Spore.  ZThropes Lance another Chimera…

boom!  Explosion kills 4 Guants.  Parasite and Gargoyles continue their rampage of Mark’s left flank, pouring out several more “shadow swarms.”  Algernon assaults flamer tanks…he totally nerfs!  You suck, Algernon!  Trygon destroys Vet squad and prepares to die from more plasma and meltas.  HGaunts from Spore capture his objective.  I now make a HUGE mistake and burrow my Mawloc instead of using him to assault the Flame Tanks…

Flamer tanks move to toast HGaunts.  Veteran Squad and Creeds’ command Chimera finish off Trygon.  Mark pretty much fires
everything in range on his right flank at the HGaunts, including his Punisher…they die horribly.  Guard Squad charges Parasite…and quickly runs away!

Score: Prometheus 2, Guard 0 

Turn 4: Sammie drops 16 TGaunts this turn…and I have the models I need cuz Mark killed so many last turn!  My Mawloc arrives right next to the same Vet Squad that shot up the Trygon…why the HELL did I do that?!  Algernon moving toward tanks again.  Misc. shooting and assaults take out 3 more Guard Squads.

Everything on Mark’s left flank with the exception of Creed move toward his objective…and MINE!  Two more Guard Squads run off the board.  Lascannons finish off another ZThrope, and fire from the Flame Tanks
and Punisher toast the TGaunts near Mark’s objective.

Score: Prometheus 2, Guard 1

Turn 5:  As expected Mark tries to bum-rush my objective, I try desperately to stop him..but…ZThrope whiffs Warp Lance, Sammie whiffs assault, Parasite whiffs assault on Punisher and will pay.  Algernon moves to head off Vet Squad heading for Mark’s objective.  Last Guard Squad on left flank destroyed.  He only has the Lone Survivor from earlier and Vet Squad left to hold his objective.

His remaining Chimera and the Flame Tanks continue their mad charge toward my objective…one of the Banewolves makes it!  His shooting destroys my last TGaunts (until next turn…if there is one), and he shoots the Parasite dead.  His Vets and Lone Survivor reach his objective, and he denies mine.

Score:  Prometheus 1, Guard 1

Intermission:  We are getting pretty testy at this point.  We have been playing for 6 ½ hours, and just rolled and got Turn 6!!!  We decide to head out for beer and pizza before the store closes.  I hate it when real life intrudes on our fun…

Turn 6:  I make the second big mistake of the game and do not move Sammie towards Marks’ objective…she is a Troop choice and could capture his objective.  I use her instead to blow up a Flame Tank and spit out another small brood of Guants, which shoot the Lone Survivor dead.  Swarmlord Algernon destroys the Vets and stand on Marks’ objective.  My Gargolyes Lurk into a nearby ruin now that the Parasite is dead, but close enough to qualify for Linebreaker.

Not much on Mark’s turn.  We roll and get turn 7…enough already!!!

Score: Prometheus 1, Guard 0

Turn 7:  No major changes.  He denies my objective and I deny his.  There is little likelihood that either of us can be moved off.  We both get
Linebreaker, but that Guard Squad that ran off the board on Turn 1 gave me First Blood, and that was the tie breaker.  A 10pt Spore Mine made the difference in this game…

Final Score:  Prometheus 2, Guard 1

Summary:  A long, long game, but as always, it was a great time throwing down with Mark.  He is an experienced and patient player, and made it close the whole way.  His move with the Mawloc was very clever, as was the mad dash for my objective at the end.  I didn’t help myself with that stupid Mawloc suicide move or failing to move Sammie toward his objective.  The Parasite did a great job though, spawning several “shadow swarms” that were impossible for the remaining Guard on his left flank to deal with. 

Aftermath:  Although the Swarmlords’ loses were great, most of his Swarms’ biomass, as well that of his opponents, would be absorbed into newly created digestion pools.  The resulting processed bio-material would be enough to allow him to continue cleansing this area of Space from the insidious infection known as Mankind…

Create, Grow, Consume, Adapt


  1. GG :) are those Banewolves made out of walkmans??

  2. The hulls are actually digital cameras, and the turrent nozzles are caps from glue bottles.

  3. I'm offended that you'd think I'd use digital cameras for models! They're 35mm film cameras!


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