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Battle Report - Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines

First time for Mike and I to have a chance to pound on each other.  We each had 2250pts of bad-ass, mayhem causing craziness...

We rolled The Relic for mission and Dawn of War deployment.  Mike rolled on some crazy Chaos Warlord table and I rolled Strategic Genius (again!) on the regular table.  His trait gave his Warlord Fear, which was all but useless against a ‘Nid army in synapse.  Since my Swarmlord allows me a +1 on Reserve rolls, combined with Strategic Genius, I was pretty much guaranteed to get my Spores and their cargo in on Turn 2.  He won the initiative roll and elected to deploy first, go first.

My List:

Swarmlord Algernon with Tyrant Guard (2), Hive Guard (3), Zoanthropes (3) in Spore, Zoanthropes (3), Tervigon Sammie, Termaguants (18) X 2, Hormaguants in Spores (20) x 2, Carnifex Bulvii w/2 Twin Linked Brain Leech Devourers in Spore, Biovores (3), Spore Mine Cluster…2250 in Army Builder.

Mike brought a Chaos Lord and Chaos Sorcerer (both kitted out), 2 Heldrakes, 2 Helbrutes, Forge Fiend, Termy Squad, Chaos Space Marines in Rhinos (2), Squad of Noise Marines, Defiler.

I rolled for Psychic powers for Algernon and Sammie.  Both got Endurance (It Will Not Die and Feel No Pain), Algernon got Iron Hand, and both chose Psychic Scream (a Primaris power).  The 1st foot-slogger ZThrope rolled Endurance and Warp Speed, so the next two stayed with the codex for fire power.  The pod ZThropes all took codex powers.  He took Hallucination on his Sorcerer.

Turn 1: We rolled and got Night Fight.  Mike did not use his searchlights…strange.  He did move his entire army forward with the exception of his Defiler.  His Sorcerer, at this point attached to his Noise Marines, whiffed on his psychic test while trying to cast Hallucination.  Lots and lots of shooting…he killed 5 TGaunts and put a wound on Sammie (yes, his 1st turn of shooting was HORRIBLE!).

I first roll for Sammie to have babies…she drops out 11 TGaunts.  My Psychic powers put Endurance on the Hive Guard and the walking ZThropes.  Algernon rolls Perils of the Warp trying for Endurance and takes a wound…IRONY!  My Biovores drop a few Spore Mines but nothing.  They are pretty worthless against an MEQ army. Try for a couple of ZThrope Warp Blasts against the Noise Marines, but he makes his Deny The Witch rolls with that pesky Level 2 psyker hanging around.  My Hive Guard were the only real contributors, immobilizing one of Mike’s Helbrutes. 

Score: Promethus 0, Chaos Space Marines 0

Turn 2:  Mike’s reserve roll brings his Hades Cannon Heldrake on.  Heldrake #2 is still having coffee.  The Cannon Heldrake shoots and 3 hits all ping off the walking ZThropes Warp Fields (3I save).  One of the Helbrutes and the Defiler shoot at the Hive Guard and one bellows as it dies.  Forge Fiend does a nice job by taking out 2 of my Biovores.  His shooting was notably better this turn, as his final round of shots took out a brood of TGaunts…earning him the First Blood VP.  He detaches his sorcerer to go after my walking ZThropes.  Please note: for much of this battle there were lots of cover saves and FNP rolls being taken…just sayin.  Take a look at the pics to see why.

A wave of Mycetic Spores hits the ground…all in the middle of the board!  It is a freakin’ zoo in there now!  Carnifex Bulvii tries to take out a Rhino with shooting but no go…just takes out 2 hull points.  Spore tentacles kill the immobilized Helbrute after the remaining Hive Guard soften him up…go Spores!  The two broods of HGaunts move straight toward the Relic to wall if off and pick it up if possible.   The Spore delivered ZThropes whiff huge in trying to kill the Defiler with Warp Lances.  Termies and Defiler incoming brain bugs! I also rolled some Endurance (range 24”) for the two Hgaunt broods and again on the walking ZThropes.  The highlight, for me at least, of this turn was my walking ZThropes using Warp Lance and killing his Sorcerer…failed a 4+ Deny The Witch AND his Crux!  The Shadow of the Warp at work! On a side note, Sammie drops out 7 more TGaunts but rolls doubles so she is done spawning.

Score: Prometheus 0, Chaos Space Marines 1

Turn 3: Heldrake #2 STILL having coffee. Cannon Heldrake takes out the remaining Hive Guard to compensate.  He shoots his Defiler at my dropped ZThropes and whiffs.  Termies also unload everything but only take out 1.  This may sound like a good thing for my ZThropes, but Termie assault later that turn crushes them.   The remaining Helbrute  and Forge Fiend shoot at Bulvii, putting on a single wound.  It is a Marine squad that finishes the job.  3 broods, about 700 points, gone.  His second Marine squad shoots at an HGaunt brood, but only a few go away between cover and FNP.  The Noise Marines pummel the other HGaunts, but again, cover and FNP keep them on the board, losing half their numbers.

Now the little guys do their thing.  One Hgaunt brood grabs the Relic (3 VPs), and the other charges into the closest squad of Marines.  Despite Overwatch, which took out 8, the charging Hgaunts slam into the Marines with Furious Charge and Toxin Sacs and take it down to a single fig!  Even sliced one in half (see pic)…way to go little dudes!  I also take out the Defiler with walking ZThrope Warp Lances.

Note how the middle of the board is still a confused mess.  Lots of combat, wrecks, terrain…good for me, not so good for Mike.

Score: Prometheus 3, Chaos Space Marines 1

Turn 4:  Heldrake #2 finally arrives.  Almost everyone fires at the HGaunts that grabbed the relic; oh how I love cover and FNP!  Termies kill a Pod in close combat, but not before its crazy tentacles smash one of them; he also detaches his Warlord from his Termies.  His entire army now moving towards the rapidly escaping Relic.

Surprise!  All this time Swarmlord Algernon and Tervigon Sammie (who is a Troop choice due to a special rule) have been steadily moving toward the center of the board.  Sammie moves next to the HGaunt with the Relic and takes it for herself!  She now casts Endurance on herself, so she has Regen, FNP and It Will Not Die.  The Swarmlord charges the pesky Rhino that has been blocking the middle of the board and it explodes, taking out most of the HGaunts that successfully charged the Marines earlier!  Way to go Algernon!    By the way, the final Marine from that squad goes away, and the little guys who are left (3 of them) get ready to assault again!  Also, a small brood of TGaunts has been creeping up his right flank while he has been busy shooting at other stuff.  Misc shooting has also picked off a few Marines and Noise Marines. 

Score:  Prometheus 3, Chaos Space Marines 1

Turn 5: Mike now moves everything closer to the Swarmlord and the Relic…let’s see how that works out (evil laugh).  Noise Marines finish off the HGaunts who initially picked up the Relic.  The rest of his army…a Helbrute, Forge Fiend, Termies and 2 Heldrakes fire at Sammie…she only takes 3 wounds (covers and FNP again)…I love her!  Note that she has recovered some wounds so far from both IWND and her Regen.  She is at a total of 3 wounds at this point…she started with 6.

Move Sammie away…far, far away!  Everyone else moves to engage.  Algernon assaults the remainder of Mike’s Termies…his sarge challenges Algernon…that worked out well…not!  Although his Termies took out one of my Tyrant Guard.  My walking ZThropes earn “Player of the Game” this turn by now taking out his Warlord (and earning a VP), who had previously detached from the Termie squad, with Warp Lance!  These guys are amazing!

Score:  Prometheus 4, Chaos Space Marines 1

Turn 6: We rolled and got another turn.  We call it at this point as Mike decides there is little chance of killing Sammie and causing her to drop the Relic.  And my Swarmlord, who has 6 wounds left (including a Tyrant Guard) is not likely to die in order to give Mike another VP…which would still not win the game for him.

Final Score: Prometheus 4, Chaos Space Marines 1

Summary:  Thanks for the great game Mike!  It was the first time he had played against ‘Nids, and I tried a few new things.  The HGaunts in the Spores worked very well (although only 3 out of 40 survived) and were key to winning this particular scenario.  But they are expensive as hell, and I will not be taking them routinely.  Endurance also proved its’ worth again for me, but I also went back to nature with most of my ZThropes using their shooty psychic powers this go around: my walking ZThropes took out both of his HQs with Warp Lance.  It was the first time I have played against TWO flyers with my ‘Nids.  I really liked the Forge Fiend model, and would recommend that Mike take another of those in lieu of the Defiler next time.  They pour out a frightening amount of S8 shots…they remind me of my Grey Knight Rifleman Dreads.  Those Noise Marines are also scary as hell.  So many Sound weps that get 2 or 3 shots and ignore cover…ouch!  I also appreciated that Mike had a decent amount of terrain on the board.  Made the game more interesting and forced us both to make several tactical choices a barren board would not have.

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  1. It Was a good First battle for fighting Nids. Re-match soon?


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