Monday, July 29, 2013

Tyranids in the 40K Universe - Commentary

Where do the Tyranids stand in terms of their inclusion is backstory and digital media?  Oblivion…IMO...

Novels first.  With the exception of Graham McNeill’s story Warriors of Ultramar, which included an impressive array of Tyranid creatures, Tyranids have been relegated to the dusty shelves of antiquity.  Sure, more recent novels like Steve Parker’s Deathwatch (a great read, by the way) focus on the Tyranid threat,  but still rely on the ubiquitous threat of Genestealer infiltration and GeneStealer cults (see the recent post “Tyranid Wish List”).  Almost all backstories in recent years deal with Genestealer infiltration of Space Hulks…why does Black Library insist on focusing on one of the most problematic units in the Tyranid codex? I recall a novel regarding desert fighters versus ‘Nids and another Deathwatch team versus ‘Nids, both of which had a more diverse cast of xenos characters.  However, both of these novels are freakin’ ancient tomes!  There is better reading in the current Tyranid codex than there is in Black Library’s library!

In the realm of MP3s, I am the owner of many of Black Library’s stories…my IPod is packed with them.  Few, if any, deal with Tyranids.  The ones that do, such as the recent Mission: Purge by Gav Thorpe, deal with, wait for it, Genestealers!  Woohoo!  Yes, I know, there was also an Eldar related story of Rangers dealing with a Tyranid threat.  But it was short and sweet.  Seriously though Black Library, you have an amazingly talented array of authors.  None of them can come up with anything that doesn’t have to do with Stealers?


-      A full novel providing a detailed account of the battle between Hive Fleet Kraken and Craftworld Iyanden.  Great companion material for the new Eldar Codex.

-      A full novel providing a detailed account of the battle between Hive Fleet Gorgon and the Tau.  Great companion material for the new Tau Codex.

-      A full novel detailing the conflict between Hive Fleet Leviathan and Warboss Skarfang.

-      A series of novels based on named Hive Fleets.  Each of the above suggestions could be part of the series.  All should include events leading up to and after the primary confrontations.

There is so much potential here.  C’mon Black Library.  Give me something that has to do with the army that I own.

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