Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tyranid 6th Edition Codex Wish List

Let’s be honest…I am not a rumors groupie.  The VAST majority of what we read, most notably codex details, is always proved wrong once the tome is in circulation...

The exception to this is release dates.  With these thoughts, I have seen more and more “guesses” that the new ‘Nid dex is due out some time early next year.  This has inspired me to put on my commentary hat and give the authors of this “codex in the making” a wish list.

Before I go there, let me get this word in; I am pretty content with the current ‘Nid dex.  Even in 6th edition, there are plenty of opportunities to play to the rules and win games.  These suggestion are just fine tuning as far as I am concerned, even if their effects would be significant.

-      Genestealers Cultists.  3 reasons for this.  First, ‘Nids are the only current army in 6th edition to not be allowed allies.  Stealer cultists would be a great way to get those ally slots filled without screwing up the primary codex.  They could even be the material for a codex supplement.  Second, most of the backstory we see in books and other non-gaming materials deals with Stealer cults.  This provides great potential for inclusion in a Tyranid army on the board.  It fits so well with the backstory we all know and  love.  Finally, from a purely commercial aspect, they have a great potential for increasing GWs sales.  Many folks in the 40k community remember the cool models of yester-year (word?).  I believe these things would sell by the bucket loads.  Even Chaos players would probably pick some up for cultist conversion fodder.

Summary…make Stealer Cultist the subject of a codex supplement and the ability to be taken as allies.


-      Cheaper/upgraded Canifexes.  The point cost for fexes doubled in the most recent codex.  Moreover, the ability to upgrade, for a cost, to a 2+ save, is gone.  With all the lascannon/missile launcher love that flies about the board these days, it is a tough choice to spend almost 200pts (with no upgrades) on a model that can easily be taken down in a turn or two by a shooty army.  The only redeeming change was the fact that I can put them in a drop pod…at least I can get him up close and personal before he dies.  Opponents will come back with the fact that he has four wounds and is toughness 6.  Your point is what?  The above mentioned weps will STILL wound him on a 2+ without any armour save.  Are you kidding me?  A terminator has a better chance of surviving that kind of fire power!  Make my favorite bullies worth taking again!  Summary…make their base cost more reasonable and give them ability to upgrade to a 2+ save.


-      Genestealers.  Help me understand why I should take stealers right now.  10 of these guys in a pod cost close to 250 pts.  Yes, they are almost 20pts apiece with scything talons.  Can you say rapid fire and overwatch?!  But wait…they get 2 attacks at WS6 and have rending…so what???!!!  They have to get into base first!  They can no longer assault from outflanking, so a pod is about the only way to even have a chance of getting them into contact.  A Broodlord upgrade can improve survivability marginally…at 45+ pts.  With only a 5+ save, they have serious survivability issues and given this, are currently WAY overpriced.   Summary…give Stealers the ability to assault from outflank again and when disembarking from a pod to improve their chance of actually getting into assault.


-      Pyrovores…Mercy killing is in order here.  These fellas are not a perennial favorite on most ‘Nid players’ lists.  Little wonder…they are basically super expensive flamers.  Summary…either do away with this unit or reclass it to have Skyfire capability…THAT is something ‘Nids need and every other new codex has.


-      Warriors…at toughness 4, they are, despite their 3 wounds, easy pickings for anyone interested in instant kills.  Just a round or two of Devastator/Havoc fire can decimate a unit of these.  Summary…bring back Eternal Warrior for selected Tyranid units…I would suggest those with Synapse.


-      Doom of Malantai…I know many will disagree with this, but this guy, IMO, is a fire magnet and any decent player will shoot him off the board the turn he arrives.  If he doesn’t get Iron Hand to give him Eternal Warrior, he is toughness 4 no matter how many wounds he has.  Instant kill anyone?  Since he is not an IC, he can’t attach to any meat popsicles.  Also, he is not a synapse creature, which given his incredible psychic capabilities, is a mystery to me.  Summary…make him a synapse creature and bring back the Eternal Warrior for synapse as suggested above.  If this is done, raise the points WAY up, to say 250 pts.  He would be nigh near impossible to kill.

General comments…

-      As mentioned above, Eternal Warrior for certain units would improve the survivability of critical units, such as Warriors.  I repeat my suggestion that this apply to units with Synapse.

-      Some long range shooting…REAL long range shooting that can actually kill vehicles.

-      Don’t screw with current ‘Nid psychic capabilities!  This is one of the strong points of this army in 6th and should remain a key asset for Tyranid players.

-      Please, please, please…more choices of Independent Characters.  The current dex has two!  If you expect a Flyrant to move aggressively around the board with the new shooting meta, he should have the capability of attaching to a brood of Gargoyles to absorb some Skyfire.   The Swarmlord is not an IC?  Really?

Whatever we end up with, I am sure that it will provide hours and hours of discussion for the community at large and this blog in particular.  Happy hunting!

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  1. About those Carnifexes... do you think the game designers maybe thought everyone would be taking Venomthropes (is that what they are?) to give those Carnifexes their invulnerable (cover) saves?

    Do their modification by cover saves make them suddenly horribly potent? What I mean is, suddenly I have to use every AP3 gun in my army to fire at them. Sure Guard will have no problem, neither will Eldar. But NOBODY survives THAT kind of firepower! I agree with most of what this post says- truly, but I think 4 wounds is pretty hard to get through with a good cover save that has to be eliminated by shooting those guns at someone else. What you end up having is a 2-wound carnifex charging into combat.

    Also, overwatch isn't that great. I mean, 1 out of every six shots hits. On ten genestealers, they're still gonna shred some stuff. Where you're right on how they got nerfed, is that they cannot charge after coming onto the board. No one can do that though, so almost every army has a unit that got nerfed by that. I agree, there isn't a really great use for them. Ooo. I got it: OBJECTIVE TAKING. :)

  2. First, thanks for your comments. You are spot on when you say that cover saves for Fexes can be potent. They decrease the chance of a wound from S8/9 shots from 85% to 50%. Impressive. From a practical standpoint then, how do we get those Fexes into shooting range/contact? Walking across the board is paramount to suicide. The only reasonable alternative is Pods. All this being said, two factors still mitigate the use of Fexes.
    1)That pesky 3+ save...this is why I really think the ability to upgrade for cost to a 2+ would be reasonable. Dreadknights and now Wraithknights BOTH have 2+/5++ saves, and for a comparable cost to a kitted out Carnifex. Give me a reason to take my Fexes on a regular basis.
    2)Point cost. With 2 twin-linked S6 guns and a pod, they come in around 250pts. Compare this to what you get with the previously mentioned "Knight" units. Better yet, I could take 6 base Terminators with 2+/5++ saves...all significantly more survivable.

    In regards to your Genestealer comments...I agree with the fact that Overwatch would have a minimal effect. It is the turn or two of regular shooting before they can engage that will eat that 10 fig squad alive. True as well that no one can assault after Pod arrival; just using that as a frame of reference since it is the only reasonable way of even trying to make them useful.


  3. Oh boy! I just read some rumors that Ymgarl Genestealers and Lictors will have this "Surprise!" rule that allows only snap-shots on the turn they arrive. That will certainly make Lictors more scary. Not to Orks so much, but some others will really be hurtin' to get some shots in on those guys.


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