Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conversion Project - Parasite of Mortrex

The Parasite has an interesting set of rules that I wanted to try out.  Basically for every model he kills, he has a chance of that model spawning Ripper bases.  Recently played a game and 10 of the little fellas popped onto the table!

I kept reading about this guy, but was having a bit of a time figuring out a conversion.  Inspired by a post at Fromthewarp, here is my go at this interesting HQ choice.

Step 1 – Used a Warrior model for the base creature.  Also laid out several bits to try for fitting, etc.

Step 2 – Took off arms and legs.  Cut some bits to make head and back spikes.  Also attached a couple of nasty looking mandibles.

Step 3 – Next I attached warrior scything talons for the “legs” and arms.  You may have noticed the head spikes were no longer spiky at this point.  Just trying a different look.  Didn’t keep it. 

Step 4 - I used Gargoyle wings for this guy.  At first I thought they might be a bit small, but they turned out ok.  Finally, the biggest issue as getting a curved tail to put the spiky bit on.  I ended up slow heating the plastic over a lit candle and slowly bending it with a small pliers.  Didn’t turn out too bad.

Step 5 – Here he is after going through the painting process.  Table ready!

Note:  You may have noticed I am not a big Green Stuff user.  I prefer to smooth and “fill” with my Dremel.  It that fails, I will resort to modeling putty.

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