Saturday, July 6, 2013

Painting Hive Fleet Prometheus

Since you have now seen a few of my models, thought I would walk you through the painting process for my Tyranid horde…

If I still have some older colors in pots, I will list those colors and provide a reference to the new Citadel replacement color (if any).

Step 1- Prime with black.  Pretty straight forward.  Armory makes a pretty decent black primer.  Have been using it for awhile.

Step 2 – Heavy dry brush with Hormagaunt Purple (replacement color is Daemonette Hide).  Here I try not to cover the black primer completely, but I do want the purple to have visual preference.  I also try to avoid the carapace areas as much as possible.

Step 3 – Touch up any carapace with Chaos Black (replacement color is Abaddon Black). This is also when I detail spikes, eyes and teeth.  Spikes and eyes get Mephiston Red and the teeth Screaming Skull.

Step 4 – This step is the trickiest for me.  It is a very light dry brush with Tentacle Pink.  Note: there IS NO REPLACEMENT for this color in the new paint line!  There IS a new dry brush product that is pink, but I prefer to use a more traditional method with actual paint after trying the new stuff.  I use Emperors Children lightened up with White Scar and that has worked pretty well.

Step 5 – The next step is a wash with either Badab Black or Devlan Mud.  I have plenty of both, so I have not checked for suitable replacements yet.  Ron at FromTheWarp has a great post regarding a side by side test he did and seems to have found something that will work when my stock finally runs out.  Also, I don’t just do a wholesale wash of the entire fig.  I try to use it to highlight areas that will benefit most from the contrast, or one that came out a bit too bright from the purple or pink.

Step 6 – The last step is flocking of the base.  In considering how to flock my bases, I wanted something suitably desolate and lifeless, like the surface of a world ravaged by the ‘Nids.  Since I am a former model railroader, I chose a couple of materials from this venue.  I mix an equal proportion of light grey track ballast and scenic iron ore.  I have a big bag of it standing by.  I just brush a heavy coat of wood glue onto my bases and then dip the base in the bag.  I then clean off any excess on the sides of the bases or on the model.  I need to let it dry on a flat surface, or the glue tends to “roll” off to one side, carrying the flocking material with it.
Let me know what you think.

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