Monday, July 15, 2013

Hive Fleet Prometheus Model Showcase - Swarmlord Algernon and Hive Tyrant Winky

Algernon and Winky are both magnetized.  They were actually the first models I magnetized…I quickly learned that even little magnets have polarity…pretty stupid for a Science teacher.  Lesson here – make sure the magnets have properly matched polarity before applying any glue…sheesh!  That was a rookie mistake.

That admission out of the way, Algernon has bone sabres purchased and converted onto normal tyrant lash whip and bone sword arms.  I also added some red sparkles (barely visible in the photo) to simulate the crystals that make a bone sabre so nasty.  The arms are magnetized on him just in case I get crazy and want a second Flyrant with two sets of twin-linked devourers (Flying Dakkarant).  Just sayin!

Winky is all loaded for bear too.  His wings are magnetized so I can replace them with a couple of nifty Carnifex carapace pieces to simulate Armoured Shell and a 2+ save if he gets too tired and wants to walk.  His arms are magnetized and kitted so he can serve as either a Flying Dakkarant or a Walking Smashrant.

I rarely seek prey without at least one of these bad boys on deck!

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