Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hive Fleet Prometheus Welcomes You, Prey!

Welcome to the world of Hive Fleet Prometheus!  Here you will find a veteran 40k players perspective on his beloved Tyranids.  This blog will include, among other things…

-      Analysis of Tyranid Units, Weapons and Biomorphs

-      Tyranid Tactica

-      Hive Fleet Prometheus Battle Reports

-      Hive Fleet Prometheus Finished Models and Conversion Projects

-      Hive Fleet Prometheus Travel Reports

-      Guest Writers

-      General Commentary/Ruminations

-      Warhammer 40k App and Book Reviews

-      A Touch of Humor
Who is this guy? 
My name is Dan and I live in Milwaukee.  I served in the military for 17 years as a commissioned officer.  After leaving service, I was a framing carpenter, operating engineer, hospital administrator and a business executive.  I am currently a middle/high school science teacher.  Based on my life experiences, if I were living in the 40k universe, I would probably have a few service studs imbedded in my skull!  I have been playing 40K since the summer of 2001, and currently own both a Grey Knights and a ‘Nid army (about 5000point each).  I think my gaming comrades would consider me both a competent player and modeler.  I am a proud member of D-Company; Milwaukee’s kick-ass 40k headquarters!

Why ‘Nids? 
I have played Space Marine and Grey Knight armies as well as Tyranids, and found relative success with my other armies.  But there is, IMHO, a different level of skill involved in winning with a ‘Nid army - I love a challenge.  The process of conversion and developing unique paint schemes for them is another aspect I enjoy.  The last consideration is that active Bug armies are rare in our local gaming community, and I believe in the 40k community as a whole.  Out of around twenty active players in my local gaming group, I am currently the only one fielding ‘Nids.

Too late to the party? 
With rumors about the next ‘dex already flying about, one might ask “isn’t it a bit late to be talking about and analyzing the current one?”  No way! Another voice added to our community is never too late.  Also, with the way the rumor mill runs and until the next ‘dex is actually sitting on my kitchen table, I will be playing with the rules as is.  So buckle up and lets get this thing rollin’!

Acknowledgement…Special thanks to Ron over at FromTheWarp and Fred at Fritz40k (see Destinations of Interest links).  Both of these gents provided much needed advise and encouragement.

Thanks for stopping by! Whether a servant of the Hive Mind or an item on its grocery list, I know you will find something of interest.  Read on and enjoy yourself in the Shadow of Prometheus!

Create, Grow, Feed, Adapt

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