Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hive fleet Prometheus Model showcase – barbed heriodule barney
For our first showcase, I would like to introduce you to Barney.  Barney is a veteran of several D-Company “Big Games” (our version of Apocalypse) and my first and only Forge World model (so far)...  For those not familiar with this model, his base is a bit larger than a large blast template and he operates, as you would expect for a model of this size, as a monstrous creature. Working with resin for the first time was interesting but not overwhelming.  I am quite handy with a Dremel Tool so cleaning and fitting parts was not an unpleasant business.  I did wear a dust mask for safety sake, given the dust created with the Dremel.  I chose not to pin him; just a thorough use of super glue. He is painted in the typical  Hive Fleet Prometheus color scheme…black primer, purple wash, red dry brush on talons and weapons, red and ivory detailing, pink dry brush and finally a mud wash.  I don't get to use him very often, but when I do, folks know he's on the table.  Smile Barney!


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