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Battle report – Tyranids vs. iron warriors

I had the chance to throw down today with Jay and his naughty marines (Iron Warriors).  He also took Imperial Guard allies.  We had 2000 point armies...
We rolled The Scouring for mission and Dawn of War deployment.  Both rolled for Warlord Strategic Traits; he got Conqueror of Cities while I got Strategic Genius.  Since half the board was ruins that worked well for him, and the Strategic Genius pretty much guaranteed that my four reserve units would arrive Turn 2 (I had a Swarmlord).  He won the initiative roll and elected to deploy first, go first.
My List:

Swarmlord Algernon with Tyrant Guard (2), Parasite of Motrex, Hive Guard (3), Zoanthropes (3) in Spore, Zoanthropes (3), Tervigon Sammie, Termaguants (15), Hormaguants w/Toxin Sacs (15), Gargoyles w/Toxin Sacs (17), Carnifex Bulvii w/2 Twin Linked Brain Leech Devourers in Spore, Carnifex Bjorn w/2 Twin Linked Brain Leech Devourers in Spore…1999 points (Army Builder).

Jay brought a Warpsmith, Iron Warriors in Rhinos (3), Guard in Chimeras (3), Hellbrute, Basilisk, 2 Obliterators, Aegis Defense Line and Quad Cannon, Vendetta.

Turn 1: We rolled and got Night Fight.  Jay moves a couple of vehicles cautiously forward.  His entire army, less a Havoc squad, is embarked.  Just so you know, this was no surprise.  He is a vehicle hound.  His Bassy takes out a Hive Guard and a TGaunt…Havocs take out a few more TGaunts.  A Lascannon Predator blanks against the remaining Hive Guard.  3 vehicles unload on the Gargoyles with only 1 dead.  He pops smoke on 2 of this Rhinos (this was also no surprise with Jay).

I utilize my hefty psychic powers.  I am using them primarily for unit buffs, not attack.  Gargoyles and Hive Guard get Endurance giving them both Feel No Pain (FNP) and the Hive Guard It Will Not Die (IWND).  The only shooting I had was the Hive Guard…they nerfed against a Chimera despite having Preferred Enemy from the Swarmlord.

Score: Promethus 0, Iron Warriors 0

Turn 2:  Jay continues to make small, incremental moves with his vehicles.  Two of his Guard Chimeras hold back to provide fire support.  An embarked Marine squad heads for another objective in an empty quarter of the board.  I have nothing over there to stop him.  His multi-lases take out a couple of Gargoyles and a TGaunt. 3 lascannon hits on the Hive Guard…they roll 2 covers and an FNP…way to go!  Plasma and Krak shots from Guardsmen miss.  More misc. shooting costs me a couple more Gargoyles and TGaunts.  His Bassy nerfs big time with a scatter of 11”.

The rest of the hoard arrives…a brood of Zoanthropes and 2 Dakkafexes by Pod, and the HGaunts by outflanking (again thanks to Swarmlord Algernon).  Rest of the hoard continues its forward march, and Tervigon Sammie pumps out a nice little brood of 9 TGaunts; they head straight for an objective.  Rolled a few FNPs/IWND for my Gargoyles and MCs and Iron Hand for the Swarmlord and Tervigon.  I used Haemorrhage from the newly arrived ZThropes to take out a couple of Havocs…picked off a couple more with shooting from my Spores…Ripper Tentacles!  Dakkafex Bulvii takes out the Bassy (1VP from First Blood), but Dakkafex Bjorn nerfs big time…8xS6 hits and not a single glance on a Rhino…ouch!

Score: Prometheus 1, Iron Warriors 0

Turn 3:Vendetta arrives and promptly unloads on Dakkafex Bulvii…he makes 3 cover saves…only to be pummeled by the Lascannon Predator he arrived next to…1 wound left.  Jay finishes him off with a Krak missile.  More scattered shooting from Jay takes out a few more Gargoyles and another TGaunt…those Gargoyles are getting low on dudes.  Krak missile fires at Tervigon Sammie, but Iron Hand has made her T9!  He rolls a 4…she’s good!  Outflanking HGaunts get toasted despite FNP.  Only 7 out of 15 left.

My “command squad” and Tervigon continue to move upfield.  Dakkafex Bjorn shows the Lascannon Predator some “love” with 3 autohits in assault…explosion!  Ripper tentacles kill a Chimera and Rhino…6XS6 each can glance you to death!  With these 3 kills, the Iron warriors left flank is about to fall apart.  Only an angry Hellbrute, a couple of Havocs and a squad of Guard left.  The remaining HGaunts attempt to charge the Guard squad, but nerf it despite having fleet.

Score: Prometheus 1, Iron Warriors 0

Turn 4:  Marine squad in Rhino seizes 3VP objective unopposed in an empty quarter of the board.  The Vendetta fires and puts a wound on Tervigon Sammie.  More misc. shooting.  I am down to 4 Gargoyles with the Parasite and a single HGaunt.  Both squads would have already been dead if not for FNP from the ZThropes.  Obliterators finish off Dakkafex Bjorn.  I also lose a Spore, but their Ripper Tentacles have really been effective.

Finally get into close combat with Parasite and Gargoyles…they pounce on a Marine squad from a wrecked Rhino.  The Parasite challenges the Marine squad leader…no wounds…a draw.  Lost a Gargoyle in the rest of the combat.  The lone HGaunt was charging the Guard squad on the left flank, but one of the Guardmen burned on a plasma shot that missed and they ran off the board…hilarious!  Sammie’s TGaunts take an objective.
Score:  Prometheus 4, Iron Warriors 3

Turn 5: Vendetta goes into hover mode and lets loose on Tervigon Sammie.  A couple of more shots into her from Lascannons and Kraks.  She takes only 1 more wound between cover and FNP saves…Endurance is the psychic power of the battle.  Crazy Hellbrute (a Hive Guard took out a hull point last turn) shoots back at Hive Guard and misses..  Lone HGaunt finally dies.  Jay unloads Guard squad to seize a 2VP objective.

Only 1 TGaunt left from original 15, but it heads for 2VP objective, with ZThrope brood and Spores supporting it.  Tervigon Sammie heads up the road toward Parasite to help secure 4VP objective currently being contested by both armies in a close combat.  Last of the Gargoyles go down in close combat, but the Parasite takes out the enemy squad leader (I finally remembered he had rending claws) during Jay’s turn. The dead squad leader makes his toughness check, so no Rippers (yet).  In my assault phase, I kill two marines and spawn 10 Rippers!  The rest of the Marines fail leadership and the Parasite runs them down.  A very good assault phase for me!

Score:  Prometheus 4, Iron Warriors 5

Turn 6: Down to the wire.  Jay pretty much fires his remaining army into the Rippers and gets them down to 2 bases.  The Parasite is also shot to pieces. The Vendetta fires at Tervigon Sammie and she FNPs two wounds!  She takes one more, but she got one back last turn from her IWND, so she is still only at 2 wounds despite taking a crap load of Lascannon fire…Endurance forever!  The remaining Havocs take a shot at one of my ZThropes, but the rounds ping harmlessly off its Warp Field.  Jay keeps his Vendetta in hover to grab another objective (1VP), since The Scouring mission allows Fast Attack units to claim.

Sammie moves over the 4VP objective to claim it (she is a Troop choice in this list) and the remaining TGaunt from the original 15 model brood claims another (2VP) under much cover.   We both got 1VP for Line Breaker.  Game Over.

Final Score: Prometheus 11, Iron Warriors 7

Summary:  Great game…thanks Jay!  I was amazed at how much psychic power my Nids can throw out.  Of course, I had 8 psykers on the board, but despite rolling quite a few useless powers, Iron Hand, Endurance (ESPECIALLY Endurance) and Haemorrhage were very effective.  Using the psykers to buff units rather than attack really makes the MCs and Hive Guard almost impossible to kill even with only 3+ saves.  The effect it has on the longevity of the Gaunts is very impressive as well.  A brood of 30 is going to take A LOT of fire to bring down.  The Dakkafexes were fun to throw into his backfield and they sure mixed things up, drawing a lot of heavy fire as would be expected.  The 12XS6 re-rollable shots on each would also have been great if they had lasted longer.  But at 230pt a pop, there are several of other good unit choices I will try in another list.  I can remember a base Carnifex was only 85pts in the previous dex; they are now 160…talk about inflation!  This was the first time I had used the Parasite…it was so cool to see all those Ripper bases appear on the table.  And talk about fire magnets.  Imagine spawning those for another turn.

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  1. Fun stuff there! Endurance buff seems very nice indeed. I like how there's one picture of J's deployment zone, and the next photo of it-- it is filled with 'Nids!


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